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The new tool in dermatology and medical aesthetics.

PLASMAGE is a medical device for non-invasive micro-surgery.

PLASMAGEis able to generate the plasma through an electric discharge that starts when the tip is getting close enough to the skin but never touching it.

PLASMAGE, portable device, is a light portable device, equipped with a wide touch-screen display for the selection of pre-set treatment protocols. The applicator is composed of a special plastic handpiece and a medical stainless steel electrode specific to various treatment applications.

Plasma based energy

The Plasma device is the fourth state of the matter, it is made up of an ionized gas, consisting of a set of electrons and ions, but globally neutral.

Extreme Precision

One handpiece, many tips of great precision. Highest flexibility to connect needle tips for a large spectrum of treated area.

Non-Ablative tool

is a class IIb non invasive micro surgery medical device in compliance with the requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC and subsequent amendments and is exclusively used by professional trained doctors.

Fine tuning of the power

A selection of preset programs that combine the power with the uniqueness of fractional plasma. Plasmage is the first device to deliver a fractional plasma to the tissues, for an higher and safer control of the spot.


Blefaroplasma with PLASMAGE may be defined as a non invasive eyelid treatment that improves the abnormal function, reconstructs deformities or enhances appearance and may be either reconstructive or cosmetic (aesthetic)

Dermatochalasis, including symptomatic redundant skin weighing down on the upper eyelashes (i.e. pseudoptosis) and surgically induced dermatochalasis after prosis repair.

Acquired blepharoptosis, may result from streching, dehiscence, or disinsertion of the levator aponeurosis. Aponeurotic blepharoptosis is commonly known as involutional ptosis in patients in which the anatomic changes are age-related.

Brow ptosis, drooping of the eyebrows to such an extent that excess tissue is pushed into the upper eyelid.

The plasma generated by the ionization of the gaz creates a sublimation of superficial tissues thus creating a lifting effect.

Other applications: Xanthelasma, Acne vulgaris, Wrinkles, Lentigo, Hypertrophic Scars, Cutaneous fibroma, Verruca Vulgaris