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Crystalys is a calcium hydroxyapatite-based injectable dermal filler designed to restore facial volume and natural contours by promoting generation and deposition of natural collagen, the body's physiological soft tissue filler. The beneficial effects of Crystalys are both immediate and long lasting. Clinical results are evident for up to 2 years, depending on the volume injected, patient skin properties and age.

Crystalys advantages

  • Marketed since September 2011, with tens of thousands of syringes marketed so far, worldwide!
  • Extensive clinical experience.
  • Sound safety profile.
  • Safe active ingredient with over a decade of marketing experience in dermal fillers.
  • Many decades of clinical experience using Calcium Hydroxyapatite in dental, bone and surgical implants.
  • CE certified.
  • Biocompatible and biodegradable.
  • Promotes generation of natural collagen.
  • Provides a volumizing, lifting effect.







  • Calcium hydroxyapatite (55.7%) microspheres of 25-45 microns diameter, Glycerin, CMC and Phosphate buffer.
  • Crystalys is provided in a 1.25 mL prefilled graduated syringe.

Mechanism of Action

Immediate result Injected areas are filled and lifted, resulting in a superb 'on the spot' outcome.

Long Term

  • The calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres form a scaffold supportive of fibroblast ingrowth,
  • which, in turn, produces and deposits new collagen, a natural volumizing agent in facial regions.
  • Calcium hydroxyapatite degradation is synchronous with neo-collagen deposition at the injection site,
  • providing a lasting, natural, full and youthful look.

Extrusion Force

The force applied by the physician while injecting

*Both materials were injected at a flow rate of 1ml/min. via a 25G/16mm needle (0.31mm inner diameter)

Treatment Areas